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 United Church of Christ in Japan 


Akasaka church

​赤 坂 教 会

2023年1月1日 元旦礼拝
2022.Gospel Concert Choir

​Church history


Our church is a Protestant Christian church located in the center of Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo.

From its founding to the present day, our church has been telling us about Jesus Christ here.

The Akasaka Church was started by an ophthalmologist named Willis Whitney.

Akasaka Hospital was opened in 1886, and in the waiting room by the mission of Mr. and Mrs. George Preswait.

I studied the Bible. That is the starting point of Akasaka Church.

The site of the church used to be the official residence of Katsu Kaishu.


Doctor Willis Norton Whitney
Mr. and Mrs. George Preweight

The Whitneys and Katsuie had a very close relationship.

The Whitney family's beliefs had a huge impact on Katsu Kaishu.

Willis' sister Clara married Kaishu's son Umetaro.

Umetaro has become a Christian.

The hospital was closed in 1927, but the church continues.


People of all ages and sexes gather in the church.

Gather every Sunday for worship, listen to God's Word through the Bible,

We express our gratitude by singing hymns.

There is a prayer meeting on Wednesday to study the Bible and pray. I also want to be a church open to the community,

Invite local people by actively participating in local activities and holding gospel classes, cancer cafes, abstinence rehabilitation meetings, etc.

I am also active. The church is open to all.

Living in society can sometimes be worrisome and tiring. Faith is supportive at such times.

I hope that even people who come to church can support each other. Above all, by Jesus Christ, which we believe in

It will give you the power to live, guide you, and lay a great foundation in your life.

Please feel free to visit our church. We never force our thoughts and beliefs.

From the standpoint of each individual, I would like to respect each other and value the interaction between people.

Please feel free to visit the church.


アンカー 1
​Children under 6th grade of elementary school
​Every Sunday from 9:15 to 10:30
​Junior high school students and above-adults
​Every Sunday 9: 30-10: 00

 Prayer meeting
  Every Wednesday from 10:30
19: 00-

​Every Sunday from 10:30 to 12:00
  • YouTube


You can see past worship services on YouTube

Gospel singer: The first Mini Album in the order of Kuramoto.

Includes 3 original songs "Say Yes", "Tokyo Tower" and "In The Dream" along with covers of "People Get Ready (Japanese Ver.)" And "Amazing Grace".

The starting point for exploring the style of [Gospel] x [Japanese].


Church event schedule

Q and A



I'm going to church for the first time. Do I need an appointment?


No reservation required. If you have any concerns  Please feel free to contact us.


I'm not a believer, can I attend worship?

Yes. Anyone can participate in the worship service freely. Please feel free to join us.


Does it cost anything? Do I have to make a donation? How much should I make a donation?

There is no cost. Donations are an expression of gratitude to God, not compulsory. If you don't have it, you don't have to make a donation. There is no fixed amount.


What kind of clothes should I wear to participate in the service?

There is no particular rule. Please come in everyday clothes.


What do you do in worship?

Sing hymns, pray, read the Bible, and listen to the pastor's message. Even if you don't understand

Please join us with confidence.


Do you need anything to bring?

If you are new to us, please feel free to come empty-handed. If you do not have the Bible or hymns, we will lend you one.

Can a person like me go to a sacred place like a church?

The church is neither a place for holy people nor a place to go to be holy.
The church is open to everyone. Please feel free to visit us.



Will you be persistently solicited?

I don't think there should be anything that imposes faith, so
We will not accept such solicitations.
Of course, those who are interested have the opportunity to learn, so please consult with your pastor.

I don't know anything about hymns, so I can't sing. What should I do now?

If you agree, you don't have to sing a song you don't know. If you know the song, please sing it together!




Is there a parking lot?

There is no parking lot. Please use the coin parking near you.

Can you talk to the pastor?

Yes. However, on rare occasions, the pastor may be absent or you may not be able to speak slowly. Please contact us in advance using the inquiry form.


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    Akasaka Holy Nighyt



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​privacy policy

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​United Church of Christ in Japan  Akasaka Church



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